IRC League 11


IRC League is India’s biggest Science and Technology Competition. Its goal is to motivate students to develop a scientific bent of mind. Further, it encourages students to focus on practical ways to solve problems.

You can participate in the level of the league based on your age or grade. You cannot participate in the lower age/grade group, however, you can always participate in the higher grade/age group. In other words, the league is upward compatible. Check Eligibility here

In the Open League, you have to just belong to a certain age criteria and form a team of your own and you can participate. However in the school league, you need to ensure that your team is from a school and an official representation of the school.

Minimum: Two, Maximum: 4 and One IRC Coach/Mentor (Coach/Mentor should be over 18 years).

Please contact one of our certified trainers for the IRC Open League. You can find the details here

If you have not qualified in any of the qualifier, only then you will be allowed to participate in next qualifier, by registering again.

Any team can participate in the qualifiers till the time they meet the age requirement as well as are an official entry from their respective school. The teams should be carrying an official representation from their school. We can have a maximum number of three teams from every level (this shall be mostly first come first serve basis).

Either your team has to secure a rank in the different qualifiers (happening across the country) or else you are a part of any host school (they get a pass to Nationals in any case).

Top three teams from each level (Junior, Middle and Senior) in the IRC School League Nationals are eligible to qualify for the IRC Internationals of that season.