IRC League 11

Vision of the IRC League

Idea behind IRC

IRC Idea Behind ImageIndian Education System has been plagued with Rote Learning for countless number of years. The tremendous focus, on memorization of factual information, completely kills the creativity and original thinking which is bound to blossom in the minds of our children.

The Higher Order Thinking Skills like Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Innovation (all prerequisites for a knowledge society) are mostly sidelined for memorization of theorems, mathematical tables, historical facts etc. This has systemically led to the decay of culture of excellence and originality in our country. Further, when these children end up growing into adults – they lack both behavioral and technical skills to prosper in the world of today and tomorrow.

This lack, of key skills, essentially leads to most of the problems present in our society (like unemployment, stress, violence). There have been welcome changes like introduction of CCE in our schooling system. The society as a whole is also embracing change, however, a lot more needs to be done.

With this thought as our driving force, we have been conducting the IRC League – a league that aims to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and make innovation an area of passion for the young minds of the developing world.

Vision of IRC League

The League aims to become a source of inspiration and motivation for young minds to consciously take up careers in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with a clear aim to innovate and thereby shape the future.

The league shall capture the attention of young minds by giving them problems and challenges that not only stretch their imagination but also are burning issues.