IRC League 11

IRC Internationals

What is IRC Internationals?

IRC Internationals is the culmination of Season 10 of IRC Open League and IRC School League. It is a platform where top selected teams get to showcase their grit against participants from countries outside India. The IRC Internationals are to be held in June in London, United Kingdom.

This year's theme of the IRC Internationals is "Guardians of Nature".

Guardians of Nature

With the advent of a new decade, we’re facing the greatest threat to mankind since time immemorial - Climate Change. It has affected not just weather patterns but has threatened food production, lead to increased risk of catastrophic flooding, and raging forest fires.

This year’s IRC Theme - Guardians of Nature tackles this issue and invites students to build bots that can navigate through these murky waters. This is a call to band together and save Earth from the vagaries of nature.

In its 11th iteration, IRC League has not wavered from its core mission - Encourage a love for making among children through robotics.