IRC League 9

IRC Open League Season 10

What is IRC Open League?

IRC League in its Xth year, is Asia’s Biggest Robotics Competition. The competition has two formats - the School League where school teams participate and the Open League where team members are not limited to one school and can be from any school. The objective of the League is to provide a platform where students, coaches and all stakeholders of the society come together to build a better world for tomorrow using the tools of Science and Technology.

You can form a team of four along with your friends (of relevant age group - Check out eligibility for the same) and an IRC Coach (of 18 years and above). In the Open League, the team members are not limited to one school and can be from any school.

Bot Olympics

Over the years, the magnitude of the IRC League has grown exponentially without compromising the ideals on which it was first started - To encourage a love for making among children through robotics. Keeping that spirit in mind, this year’s theme would be “Bot-Olympics”. We want children to be the best they can be and come up with agile, audacious and resolute robots which can compete in the true Olympian sense. The purpose is to inspire and motivate the youth to design and build robots which can withstand the trials and tribulations of the elite competition.

Why should you participate?

You should participate because designing Robots to solve a certain problem statement can be a source of a tremendous amount of fun in itself - not even taking into account the bond that you develop with your teammates. You end up falling in love with Science and Technology - and rest assured you will have a good shot at being the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Last but not least, you and your team stand a chance to win exciting prizes too!.

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