IRC League 11

IRC School League

What is the IRC School League?

IRC School League, over the last few years, has become phenomenally popular with more than 500 schools and 15000 participating students across India. IRC League is in its tenth year of challenging young and creative minds to solve a problem that affects our society. IRC League invites students, coaches and all stakeholders of the society to come together and build a better world for tomorrow using the tools of Science and Technology. In the IRC Open League, children from different schools/centers can form teams to compete, whereas in the IRC School League, all team members have to belong to the same school / activity center. The teams represent their schools/centers and hence the level of competition is higher.

How to participate?

The first phase of the IRC School League is the IRC Qualifiers. The top three teams from each IRC Qualifier will have an opportunity to participate in the IRC Nationals in New Delhi.

Why should you participate?

You should participate because designing Robots to solve a certain problem statement can be tremendous amount of fun in itself - forget the bonding that happens with your teammates. You end up falling in love with Science and Technology - and rest assured you will have a good shot at being the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.